Boost Your Earnings While You Sleep

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These ideas to earn passive income are excellent for those who want to create additional earnings… without taking up all of their time.

Back up a little… What is passive income?

Supplemental income allows business owners and individuals alike to have a little more freedom and flexibility to continue to develop. Passive income is money earned through little upkeep effort. It is a cash flow driven on a regular basis with little to no effort to maintain the passive income stream. In short: make more money by doing less. Learn how to create passive income with these tips from Issuu. Adding affiliate links to your publication will generate passive income through sales.

Issuu supports both regular links in publications and shopping links. Shopping links are designed to specifically point your readers to the product on the page. They are non-intrusive in your layout design, but they do show off that this product can clearly be shopped. Use Issuu shopping links to drive additional income with affiliate partners. The button-like appearance of these links and the shopping cart icon clearly indicate to viewers who may want to purchase an item in your publication.

If you prefer a bit more subtlety, use regular links to share affiliate links within the editorial text in your publication. Bloggers and website owners alike use affiliate links to generate revenue from their day-to-day content. You just have to figure out what your expertise is! Back up a little… What is passive income? So here you go… Real, legit, non-scam, honest, wholesome ways to make money while you sleep 1. Start a blog and earn affiliate income Big bloggers, like the ones with six-figure income reports, make blogging look super easy.

What is affiliate marketing? Still need to start a blog? Create a product to sell If you have a blog, creating your own product is another really great way to earn money while you sleep. Create an online course Selling online courses is a way to share valuable knowledge with others.

8 Ways to Make Money While You Sleep

Real estate Investing money in real estate is likely always going to be a serious source of passive income. Here are three ways to make money while you sleep with real estate: Rental properties. This can increase your monthly cash flow with rental income. This can be residential or commercial.

Earn Passive Income

Fix and flips. Here you are purchasing properties that are in need of work, then fixing them up and selling them at a higher price. That stands for Real Estate Investment Trust.

Fundrise is a great platform to check out. The way drop shipping works is: Start with building a website you can do this through Shopify. Add products to your website that come from certain manufacturers. When a person purchases that product, it ships from the manufacturer, not you. You pay for the products, but earn more than the sales price. You earn money on YouTube with: Ad revenue. Links on your videos bring viewers to products and services they can purchase. Not entirely passive, but you can get paid to promote products and companies you believe in. Creating your own products.

This could be swag, courses you sell through your website, etc. Sell stock photos For professional and amateur photographers, you can sell your photos to stock photo sites like Shutterstock , SmugMug , iStock , and more. Buy an existing website From what you read earlier about starting a blog, you can tell that it takes a lot of work and time.

License music Just like selling stock photos, selling music you create is another possible source of passive income. Design and sell custom merchandise For creative people looking for an outlet that allows them to earn passive income, you can design images to sell on shirts, posters, coffee mugs, hats, phone cases, and more. Once you do the design work, the following websites can create and sell the products for you: Threadless CafePress Teespring Sell an app For those of you with coding skills, creating and selling an app is another option to make money while you sleep.

Even sales of mobile apps listed for a buck or two add up over time. Know what kind of investment you want to make Remember the beginning of this article?

If you want to invest your time and energy… Take what skills, passions, or interests you already have and use that to inform your choice of passive income. If you can make a monetary investment… Understand how much money you have to work with and which projects are interesting to you.

Affiliate Marketing How To Earn Thousands While You Sleep

Research your options Starting any business or investment should only come after learning as much as you possibly can about each option. Research takes time, but it protects whatever type of investment you make. Like an email list, the system does everything automatically. The system takes the order, processes the payment, and delivers the digital product. You can even create an affiliate program , so you can have a team of people selling for you, duplicating your efforts, and increasing your marketing reach exponentially. Clickbank will do that for you.